About Us - Great To Be Here T-Shirts

Great To Be Here T-Shirts is a line of t-shirts founded by Chicago designer Christopher Festa, originally in 2003 as Festa T-Shirts, and then relaunched on the web in 2017. Great To Be Here Shirts have been sold in over 1000 outlets nationwide, including Bloomingdales, Macy's, Barnes & Noble College Bookstores, United States Navy Exchange Stores, the Anheuser Busch Factory Store, HMS Host, the Chicago Cubs baseball team, the Phoenix Suns NBA Team, the Dallas Stars NHL team, and many fine retailers around the USA like Mango in Philadelphia, Fred and Company in Wisconsin, and Art Effect in Chicago.

Great To Be Here Shirts feature the unique designs based on the travel and observations of designer Christopher Festa, with shirts about United States Cities, States, Regions, and Neighborhoods, as well as other interes